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Zombie Apocalypse

2009-08-29 01:32:44 by MercOfDoom

If a zombie apocalypse were to occur, I would probably try my best to kill as many zombies as I could possibly manage daily. My weapon of choice would probably be a katana for short range combat and a shotgun for when I need to clear a path quickly. My main goals would probably be to look for survivors who would either help me kill zombies or create a cure.

Anyways, that is the most likely thing I would do if a zombie apocalypse were to ever occur. :D

Zombie Apocalypse


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2009-08-29 01:35:54

You are a GOD!!!

MercOfDoom responds:

Thank you, I'm sure you would do the same.


2009-08-29 01:51:32

I don't know why, I just feel a shotgun might be a little ureliable, just like a Semi-automatic gun. I would probably use pistols.

MercOfDoom responds:

I like shotguns since it would probably knock the zombies down so I can finish them off with the katana.


2009-08-29 02:41:48

sorry to say and im not trying to be rude but your plan would get you killed in under a day the katana is a good weapon choice if you can find a real one not those fake for show ones that will break after two or three hits my weapon of choice woule be the crowbar becuse of its multi-uses the shotgun would also be a bad idea becuse its loud and its ammo is bulky and heavy limiting the number of shells you can carry best weapon would be a rifle if surrounded tho the shotgun would prove the most useful its just a matter of choice also carry a pistol around for backup dont use for zombies that dont see you or are walking toward it becuse its not very accurate its to be used if the zombie has a hold of you finding survivors is not recommended you take care of yourself first if the outbreak is town sized barricade the doors and windows carry all the food,water,guns,ammo and a ladder then destroy the stairs so its inaccessible to zombies and fill the bathtub up with water if its you can do that in a class 2 or 3 outbreak wich is like 100-500 zombies a class 1 outbreak is like under 10 so your idea would work but a class 4 wich is the world your pretty much screwed whatever you do :D i know way to much about zombies.....i blame Max Brooks 0-o